We would particularly welcome proposals for papers on the following general

  • What specific contributions have leftist and Marxist scholars made to
    understanding the contradictions of Liberalism more fully?
  • ‘Big tent’ liberalism’s fragmentation and its relations with socialist movements
  • Classical Liberalism and its relationships to both right-wing laissez-faire
    Liberalism and left-wing civil-liberties Liberalism (human rights, civil liberties,
    political pluralism)
  • Classical Liberalism, social reformism, Keynesian economics, and the rise of
  • The impact and legacies of the Great War and Russian, German, and
    Austrian/Hungarian Revolutions
  • Liberalism’s role in the rise of right-wing authoritarianism & Fascism
  • Liberalism and capitalism, racism, colonialism, and settler states
  • Liberalism, Illiberalism, and Fascism
  • Capitalism and Fascism
  • 1923: the final defeat of the German Revolution and the first major Conservative-Nazi alliance in Germany

We are looking for papers of between 5000 to 7000 words. Selected papers will be
published in a special issue of Socialist History. Attendance at the symposium is
free of charge, but donations are highly appreciated. We ask that anyone
attending the symposium register in advance.

Instructions for Proposals:

  • Length of Abstract: 1-2 paragraphs
  • Application Deadline for presenters: June 15 th , 2023
  • Submission of Paper Deadline: July 10 st , 2023
  • How to Apply: Submit paper title, abstract, and brief c.v. Proposals for papers
    and any enquires should be directed to Axel Fair-Schulz. Email:

There will also be space for a limited number of non-presenters at the
event, and details of how to register will be circulated later.